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Programs focus on the improvement of mechanics to create better overall pitching performance and velocity. Both youth and high school programs follow same lesson program with high school program having weighted ball drills and simulated games. 

​Program will run for 6 weeks 2x per week for all High School players and have hands on instruction which will include the following:

-Proper warm-up stretching routine

-Shoulder stability exercise

-Mechanical Instruction 

-Increased felxibility 

-Explosion techniques

Using J-Band exercises, polyball drills, and weighted balls, players will benefit from the development of greater arm speed and arm care.

We have seen good velo improvements from pitchers doing program in past.

There will be a Tier 2 follow up program that will cover the same structure as Tier one with the added ability to see mechanic work off of a mound with a catcher.  It will be most benifitial to do both Tiers but can be done as a single program as well.